Friday Fortune| Fitness is the best GIFT you can DESIGN for yourself|

Fitness is truly the best gift, that one can experience in life. Fitness of mind body and spirit ensures you are truly leading best version of yourself. Dedicating at least a one hour slot everyday can help you with this goal, very effortlessly. Very often in the day to day life, we forget to prioritise our fitness goals and a prolonged neglect towards our wellbeing can have lasting negative impacts.

Thus, taking time to ensure your fitness goals are being prioritised, is essential for the wellbeing of not only yourself, but also those who are dependent on your support. Exercise of some form on a consistent basis, meditation and mindfulness, can be some of the ways to address the same. Be it workouts or meal/diet planning — you really don’t need a lot of time to optimise your fitness and thereby get results. Whether you are a busy parent, student or workaholic, you can stay fit and healthy by creating your own schedule and habits.

All the answers you need to create this schedule are included in the six simple steps discussed below. So whether you are stuck at home with little to do or busy beyond belief, we’ve got the solutions that will give your health and personal energy a dramatic and permanent boost.

A well thought out DESIGN for the long run in terms of your MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, can really ensure that you are optimally structured to contribute for the welfare of your society, organisation and your family.

6 Simple ways to plug in your fitness goals to your life are following:

1. Decide on a compelling Purpose -This could be tough at first; however once you decide with conviction and stick to the same; it starts falling into place. Life without purpose of contribution -creativity -capability building is futile. It's like the main aspect of meaning is missing. Explore our workshop to design your purpose incase you have challenges in this space.

2. Plan an EXERCISE regime with variety -Once your exercise becomes boring fitness seems like a difficult task. However if you have a combination of endurance training -strength training -stretching and also some sports linked with it; automatically you feel energised to align towards your daily plan.

3. Optimise your MIND power -Its critical to ensure that you plan your mind goals too. To get the best results in a holistic way, your mind will surely play a critical role. Activities like learning something new, reading everyday and interacting with positive people, can go a long way in ensuring your wellbeing. As per Harvard Business School research, your social interaction with energising people, can determine how good you feel about life. Thus while you socialise ensure you are not getting bogged down by any negativity.

4. DIET to experience your inner power -If you are indulging in meat and oily food, it has a long term negative impact on your overall health. Satvic food is the best way to improve your overall healing. Be watchful of your body when you change your diet, as it's going to yield phenomenal results in due course of time. Change your body with a simple diet plan of fruits -vegetables -nuts -sprouts and less/traces of carbs-dairy -non-veg and oily food.

5. SUPPORT Group can keep you on track -If you are part of a support group which is aware and determined towards their fitness goal, your fitness quotient automatically moves up. Thus surround yourself with people who are aware of this need in life.

6.Annual Medical Checkups -This is a compulsory activity which is mandatory specially after 40 years of age, when body is prone to small complications which can become major if not taken care of. Basic blood test and some other essential parameters checked on an annual basis can rule out complications.

Wish you a very fit and healthy state at all times. To explore more in terms of setting up your purpose and a plan for better health and happiness do look up our programs below.



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