Empowerment through SOLITUDE & SILENCE...

The biggest learning gift of LOCKDOWN for me has been learning to be in silence and solitude... I recollect earlier in life many a times the continuous need to hussle, be on the run, build expectations, be in a overwhelming schedule, wanting to do at least 10 things at the same time etc...has been the. norm of the day for many of us. So much so that our lives always revolve around others, their perspectives and their endorsement etc. Ability to be in silence and solitude sometimes can help us understand our journey better ...

We are always busy collecting too many milestones...at times they are not even meaningful in our lives! In fact this time in solitude and silence also helps us enhance our emotional quotient by way of understanding self better, which then enables us to understand others.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so void of movement, no pressure of hurried thoughts and feelings. The phenomenal stillness of my entire being came as a welcome gratification, a reminder of just how frantic my life had become...

This definitely taught me the value of moving inwards rather than outwards to journey in life.

Stillness implies to be steady while the world spins around us. To act without frenzy. To hear only what needs to be heard. To possess quietude—exterior and interior—on command. The Buddhist word for it is upekkha. The Muslims spoke of aslama. The Hebrews, hishtavut. The second book of the Bhagavad Gita, the epic poem of the warrior Arjuna, speaks of samatvam, an “evenness of mind—a peace that is ever the same.” The Christians, aequanimitas.

This quiet, then, is the ability to harness our mental, spiritual and physical state, even temporarily. If we could step back and see our lives from a bigger perspective, what would we deem worthy of our time? This gradual shift in purposeful thinking -being -action also helps us to be at a conducive pace in life.

Purposeful and consistent solitude, helps us look at the world from a broader perspective, and think more meaningfully.

3 Ways to practice Solitude are: -

  1. Prioritising TIME with self in nature -meditation or in a no thought state - Appreciation of solitude is best experienced in nature and even in transcendental meditation. Any mantra of your choice can be used for this practice. Even time in nature with plants -birds and ecosystem can give a sense of deeper wellbeing, than being in constant chatter which at times can drain us.

  2. Valuing Silence and Solitude can also be an essential method to immerse oneself into the process of solitude. Sometimes all we value is action -constantly stressing and over thinking, letting go and being in a state of silence can be very powerful in ways of identifying the least resistant paths of our being.

  3. Journaling our GRATITUDE is another important way to experience silence -solitude and blissfulness. In neuroscience today gratitude is one of the important aspects of self healing and a sense of wellbeing.

Do share with us how you feel in a silence and solitude and what benefits you have achieved through practice of the same.

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