Employee friendly workspace to Create a FLOW STATE for Happiness, Success & Satisfaction @ work

While the whole corporate world is looking for answers to create a optimally productive workforce, handful organizations are celebrating it, in their day to day work. Flow state is where a person is totally immersed in the activity and producing genius level performance and thereby raising productivity.

'Flow state' has many benefits like happiness, engagement, motivation, creativity and fulfilling professional life. This also empowers people to have internal locus of control. Research has found that there are changes in brain activity during flow states. Other research suggests that there is also an increase in dopamine activity when people are experiencing flow. Flow is especially critical for people doing work in space of innovation, creativity, strategic thinking, even sales...

Work in flow state is like being in trance, where one has no sense of time, it's like a drug that has been induced in their body and mind. Very often while selecting or changing your career, you are advised to opt for something that makes you happy ... or excites you...it's nothing but things in which you can get into FLOW comfortably. Flow state is being in zone where your work or creativity is effortless and yet the outcomes are genius.

In fact slight stretching of one's current skills can also help the individual experience flow. While playing a sport again and again (that's where the 10,000 hours rule also applies) one acquires extraordinary tacit knowledge and skills which also supports FLOW. Flow state at work also enhances growth vertically or laterally...

6 Ways to CREATE FLOW for yourself and your employees:

  1. Create CLARITY in GOAL setting and with a GPS step by step approach to accomplish them. This ensures that on a regular basis you are immersed in activities, where you gain mastery -genius -professional expertise. Everything in life has a recipe, if you are in ambiguity about it, meet an expert/consultant, if you know yet you feel trapped meet a coach, if you lack expertise to perform the same meet a mentor and finally if your mind is coming in your way meet a counsellor.

  2. Shift delete any distractions which is taking your attention away from your goal in view. If people -process -practice -passion -purpose you are engaging with are aligned to the goal in hand, your journey is moving to greater results every single day. It's all about concocting an environment which supports FLOW every single day!

  3. Choose something where you don't feel you need to force yourself...if your talents are not aligned to the journey FLOW is difficult and drudgery...Steve Job's famous quote is perfect for this -“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? ' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something"

  4. Continue to add complexity levels as you progress, complacency or boredom can disrupt your FLOW...So it's critical to constantly keep your raddar open to learning. Thus LEARNING -UNLEARNING-RELEARNING is the most important skill of this era.

  5. Create an environment where you can be yourself with '0' judgement if possible...When we can be ourselves, our greatest gifts are realised. Case in point -Google allows you to take your pets to work, listen to music while working, Accenture supports LGBT employees to be comfortable ...all these aspects definitely is a boost FLOW and productivity.

  6. Last but not the least practice Meditation to connect with the larger cosmic consciousness or the universal mind, to draw into your FLOW state. Yoga and sports are also helpful in supporting your body readiness to be thriving in FLOW on regular basis.

Do share with us additional methods to create and be in FLOW... If you are not able to post your comments, do write to us at support@success-studios.com We are working on the comment section to be available soon.

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