This pandemic in spite of all the horrors and atrocities, it has really flattened the world and brought us together to exist beyond all odds. While we move towards the vaccine and a cure for this dreadful virus in next few months, our learnings and awakening to design our lives in a meaningful way would be very critical to make our lives count on this planet... through our contributions and also our accountability in leaving a better place a gift to our next generation and a tribute to our ancestors.

 The key learnings that I feel are going to stay with human race and help us do justice to our role as responsible earth sharing communities are ...

Humility - No matter what’s our sociopolitical status, pay cheque, title we have to depart with our soul when it’s time... FEAR - Fear to thrive and live while we exist is the biggest let down. Our contributions are just a drop in the ocean, yet we can’t discount its importance to enhance our soul learning before our final exit from the stage of life!!! As Shakespeare mentions in As you like it...’All the world's a stage" spoken by the melancholy Jaques! In fact interestingly, he is not even the protagonist of the play, he is just one of the noble men whose words as blessed by the playwright has become immortal!!! Likewise we may not be the most important, however we can only do justice to the playwright who has created us...

The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play and catalogues the seven stages of a man's life, sometimes referred to as the seven ages of man. That’s the stark  reality...Exit is pre-planned as part of the plot and play...then why not enact while we traverse the earth to the best of potentials that our character has been created for!!!...

Health - Focusing on a lifestyle that can build our health rather than compromise the same. A fitness of mind - body soul by way of watching our diet - exercise- mindset - soul nourishment so that nothing seems incomplete , when we embrace from body to soul existence or merging with elements we come from. ‘ You are what you think - eat and feel’ ... often times we don’t pay any heed to this wisdom and lead a mechanical life with the superior intelligence that we have been impregnated with against ourselves... 

As Jess Scott says, ‘ A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion’.

Happiness - In ancient times, Socrates once said ...’The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” 

Happiness is a state where your satisfaction- synergy and soulfulness with symbol of life becomes your meaning of success!!! We are our best critic - cheerleader and consultant!

Living from a space of celebration everyday in things like sunrise - flowers blooming and sharing fragrance, birds touching your soul with their songs, trees swaying with us in the breeze...

Head - heart Hands - using our head - heart hands to serve others. During covid innumerable people served us everyday and a salute to their sacrifice and ability to risk everything  while waging this war against the pandemic globally. The biggest win or achievements in our life is a sense of service that is an act and an award at the same time. As goes the famous saying by the artist...“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– Pablo Picasso

Hugs and Harmony - Best way to have loved and lived life is in harmony with our fellow countries, communities, and we don’t know what’s the next attack that can come our way... aliens!!! Best way of preparation is standing shoulder to shoulder irrespective  of gender - cast - creed or any other barriers that could separate us. After every conflict there’s bitterness within us, as at a universe level and larger biological level we are all connected... and when we see others in sorrow we feel let down as a single race. Social distancing is for precaution from virus and not from building emotional bonds - connections with fellow beings and standing by each other in all hours of crisis and chaos.

Living in harmony with our ecosystem and nature can be most harmonious experience 

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

Wish you strength, happiness and awareness of your blessings. Stay safe and synergised. For more inputs on above above areas feel free to connect with us.

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