Communication is all about the results we derive from every interaction...

About a decade back during my induction program in HP, the Bill and Dave story really brought tears to my eyes to feel the love with which they started their venture in a garage, and nurtured their employees as an extension of their family members!! It was a subconscious impact that was to stay with me in terms of reminder, to how I started seeing leadership and also my role in supporting my team's repute . Whether its my roles as a leader, mother or coach, I strongly felt the need to involve people in decision making for anything that impacted them, sharing their ideas and also at large for creating a growth trajectory for themselves. Our communication with our teams is what creates results for us every single day for business profits and also our professional well being. Every communication episode can facilitate a bond or create ambiguity.

Life is short yet how we are remembered by people, through our communication is a long term impact that we create as a gift for them and also our final report card on departure... In fact silence is better than a negative communication, which acts as a double edged spoiling a beautiful relationship or sowing negative feelings-emotions for our own journey in life...Sometimes in our need to be right we use a verbiage, which not only spoils our relationship quotient but also reduces our trust -bonding, which we would have invested time -effort to build over years.

To err is human, so we can always start afresh...

3 Ways to work on your communication outcomes:

  1. Practice silence when you are in stress or not in composure to communicate with intention to create a great memory.

  2. Think of the outcome you desire of every communication process before you dive into it. Also we are all intuitive in terms of understanding personalities in order to have a lasting trust -faith in relationships.

  3. Forgiveness is a tool for the wise, use it for your personal peace & growth.. When you carry past baggage during present communication process, you lose out on results that you are looking for.

How has your communication supported your life journey? How do you think you can use it better for memories or results that you want to create.... Love to hear from you!!!

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