Being AGILE to changing imperative in today's world

Change Management has become a norm in today's world. The ecosystem and also our business world is changing at a very rapid pace and people who are not AGILE enough to embrace change are redundant. The other day I encountered a banker who earlier used to be in admin team is now in client acquisition role and he narrated how he adapted with the internal requirement to thrive at work space.

However there is a innate pushback when it comes to CHANGE, people are reluctant and like things to be a certain way to have a comfortable existence. In fact in our schools and colleges this skill has not been prioritised much... how one needs to be sensitive to change which can be a need of the hour at any moment. Thus we have the tendency to resent change. Change can always BE converted to a treasure rather than torture through our open minded approach and also AGILE MIND. History has shown that most changes have brought in creation, growth and progress to mankind, if the people involved are intuitive working towards the challenges rather than complaining about them.

Change takes grit, so you must Demonstrate Courage, as its vital as a leader to show up with faith in better tomorrow. Every change needs to be analysed for best results and also lay the path of transformation for larger good for times to come.

3 Ways to embrace and get the most out of CHANGE:

  1. Tweak your GOALs in context to the changing times. Maybe there are untapped territories which needs to be explored. Use tools like SWOT ( It’s a great framework for understanding both your internal capabilities (Strengths & Weaknesses) and your external environment (Threats & Opportunities))to do a reality check and then create your game plan.

  2. Define your START -STOP -CONTINUE list -Every situation has a different need so when change requirements come in its critical to understand your MIND-HEAD -HEART space and align accordingly to leverage your resources like time, effort and investments.

  3. Stay AGILE and responsive to your changing environment, as change come unannounced sometimes, so the more prepared you are in terms of your persona -skills -competencies the more effectively you can take advantage of the opportunity created during change.

Would sure love to know what are the changes that you have embraced in your life that has facilitated growth for you...How difficult or easy was the process...

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