Authenticity is fundamental attribute for Success

Authenticity is one of the critical attributes of success. When you have to live someone else's life to be successful its life just half lived. We all have a unique personality and being able to accept that and live for the same is true leadership and also success in life. In the video Jyoti talks about many aspects which really helps you live from your source of success and being authentic ...some of the critical ones being sadhana, sangat and sayam which are straight out of our vedas and scriptures too.

Life is a short holiday and if your purpose to live it fully is not in place then you might be missing on things you are truly here for. Pandemic has given us the opportunity to identify our WHY, plan our our HOW and also align with our WHO...As when these three are in place then what we think- say -do are also in sync, and that truly expedites your growth story...

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