Are your EULOGY virtues more important than a resume virtues...

Human beings spend their entire life on what they want on their cv -curriculum vitae, yet less do they realise that the final words during the exiting the earth, are what they would always be known for. No matter how big their empire or bank balance...its only the impact that they have created in lives they have interacted with, that's going to count.

Many years ago one of my dear friends told me a wonderful story of a domestic help, all she wanted to do was to make a difference to the family she worked for, in her own humble ways. This maybe a discounted element for many yet, the family would sure be taking her name with obligation and gratefulness all their life. Very often in wanting to create a dent in the universe, we forget that we are already somewhere, where we could make a difference through our contribution. Also the perfect balance between personal professional or social maybe far from true; thus as long as we decide which area we want to impact and do justice to the same without damaging too much on other areas of life, we may still be happy with our overall appraisal!! Gandhiji's autobiography where he confesses his inadequacies in his personal life is a perfect example, of how one might be a legend yet falter in personal responsibilities.

So when we decide on a profession or a life path, it becomes critical we decide what we want in this final report card that's written by us only by the influence of how we have lived our life and not by the credentials or titles that we have earned or acquired during our lifetime. The biggest and the most common resource, that we have is TIME and how we decide to spend it...Yes many won't make it to the history books, however if they have been able to positively impact their inner circle, their mission is accomplished. In fact many who do make it to the history books may not have been able to contribute to this inner circle effectively. So clarity in what you want in this EULOGY is also something worth thinking ...

3 Things that can ensure a satisfying EULOGY are ...

  1. Deciding the INNER CIRCLE or people-community, purpose, and how you want to add value to them...Very often we over commit and under deliver, as we are endlessly promising too much to too many...Nice example is from our mythology Mahabharata, Dronacharya as a coach focused mainly on Arjun, and even today both are exemplaries of a coach -coachee role models,

  2. Values -Principles -Morals to be known for - Often we feel constrained in a world where people, flout their principles to achieve their goals. Yet if we want our eulogy to be true to who we have been, we need to let go temptations to compromise.

  3. Drop Resume Virtues for their own sake -Developing eulogy virtues involves surrendering something of external success— and adopting the principle that success is an inner game. We may have to reconfigure how we perceive life and what we stand for. In order to gain inner strength and character we might have to drop many entertaining practices, which may not lead to our desirous departure report we are looking for. We can seek wisdom in our unique circumstances. But the road to character will require surrender. It will be painful and perhaps confusing in the short run, but the meaning we will experience in the long run will be well worth it.

Would love to know your perspective and what is it that you would like on your departure report... What are the things you are doing currently that can be contributing factors to this final appraisal of life...

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