Are you surrounded by energisers or energy depleters would you define your own style...

In life we are always confronted with many different kinds of people, while some empower us while others can be really very exhausting. It's important that we constantly surround ourselves with people who are a positive force in our lives. In fact Harvard research shows that people who are able to energise others are also more effective as leaders and influencers.

Groundbreaking research by Baker, Rob Cross (assistant professor at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce), and Andrew Parker (then research associate at the IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Management in Cambridge, Mass.) was able to measure the long-noted influence that energizing relationships have on performance.

Energisers are not just optimistic they also contribute to the positive progressive journey of an organization.

To stay motivated towards your goals and also accomplish your milestones, it's important that you are interacting with like minded people who are a source and force of knowledge -energy and innovative mindset.

6 Things you can do to be an energiser and also surround yourself with such people for better productivity, prosperity and also peacefulness:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 evaluate how you feel or what's your state of mind every hour; this will ensure that you are not allowing any clutter or negative influence to hover over yourself...whether self created or even external forces.

  2. See how you make others feel. As in after an interaction with you are they charged or they feel low about themselves. This is an indicator for you to change your style for better outcomes with people.

  3. Focus on effective identification and definition of the problem, as that surely supports the solution design.

  4. Highlight the opportunities and not the challenges as they facilitate more celebrations.

  5. Endeavour to transform the de-energisers into effective energisers for better relationships and also mutual progress path.

  6. Create an energy map to identify aspects that deplete your energy, so that you can start working on a game plan to address the same. Energizing behavior is about letting yourself or other people know they matter.

How is your energy meter doing today? Are you surrounded by energisers ?

How do you think you can transform the others...Do share your ideas beyond the 6 ways given above.

Look forward to hear more from you on how an energised state has helped you in the past!!!

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