Are you a LEADER who is creating more leaders at all levels...

Very often in today's world we take pride in our leadership style and claim our laurels of success. However we are moving towards a time where workspaces need to operate without leader instructing or where every person is leading with ownership. Imagine an environment where things happen through collective efforts, autonomous functioning of your teams, it's always smoother. Today's gen Y and Z are people who want to be a engaged workforce who have their own leadership chemistry that they want to unleash.

A leader's biggest USP is to create more independent leaders in the system who can provide value and service without consistent supervision. A manager takes pride on getting the job done, monitoring the process-outcomes, rewards-recognition etc...however a leader's role is to create independent mechanism which can make him redundant in due course of time...!!! In other words free him for a larger responsibility to create more leaders. Are we talking of UTOPIA, not really this is possible and also happening in pockets of great organizations. It truly just needs the revamp or tweaks, of the hiring -training -promotion -reward mechanisms to accomplish a system where every individual of the organization operates as leader.

“Great Leaders Create More Leaders. Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders, not followers. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.” Roy T Bennett

3 practices of world class leaders :

  1. Authentic in their Delivery: Leadership is when someone whose actions inspire, empower, and serve in order to elevate others over an extended period of time. Being true to your cause as a leader is fundamental role in leadership practice. Walking the talk everyday is quintessential to demonstrate your authenticity and honesty while being a role model.

  2. Consistent in their value adds :Lessons of leadership practice start as soon as we start building awareness of our environment and it continues through our lives. Development as a leader is life long, with changing times or situations you need to adjust your leadership value proposition. Sometimes it's more about reminding oneself of the leadership traits and actions. Building up other leaders requires a love of learning and professional development. Love the path of constant evolution of leadership and the best keeps coming to you.

  3. Happy to Coach :To support others to be in their best potential take patience and commitment. A random lesson here or there isn’t going to get the job done. You have to have your teaching and coaching hat on all the time because any given moment could expose an opportunity to teach an important lesson or use a question to coach someone to come up with answers themselves.

  4. Admit and Apologise when its their mistake: There will be moments where you learn something you have been teaching is proven wrong. In moments like this, reject your natural tendencies and say the words so many people struggle to say, “I was wrong, here is a better way to do it.”

  5. Empower others to take up responsibility :Power is a funny thing for leaders because often with the title comes a power they have never had. Unfortunately some like the sensation so much they hold onto and take advantage of it. The best leaders give away the power and responsibility to others so they can take ownership of their decision making and behaviors. This is requires tenacity and larger vision to practice.

As a leaders do you see yourself commanding followers, or are you empowering others to create their LEADERSHIP VOICE ... Look forward to hear your perspective on being comfortable with creating a force of LEADERS and acknowledging their talents...One of my personal favourite book on this regard is Robin Sharma's A leader who had no TITLE.

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