When the multihued sky was diversifying before the eyes of the few who were awake to see it; the sound of water moving in a steel bucket, the clattering and splashing of the water was heard on the streets of Prince Gulam Hussain Shah road. In the cold morning when most abhor the touch of water on their skin, the ones responsible for the rapid trickling of water from the old black hand pump, ever so common in the city of Kolkata, raised their voices in the name of god, singing

'har har Mahadev' !!! It happened so that on this very morning a smile was draped on a little girl's face as she trotted down the stairs in eager anticipation of riding her new bicycle to her training grounds in the then highly esteemed and prestigious ...Jadavpur University!! Just as she reached the footsteps the brand new yellow bicycle, gifted by a loving mother on a very auspicious day (her birthday!), gleamed before her, in the morning glory! Having taken lessons from her friend, who graciously volunteered to teach her on his own cycle, she had a fair idea of how the incredible feat of cycling was performed, despite the numerous falls she endured. With the conflicting emotions of excitement and nervousness she thought, ' Woh! this cycle is so awesome, I can't wait to ride it to JU!, I hope I don't fall this time'. She climbed atop the comfortable brown seat and proceeded towards her destination. As she reached the junction preceding the main road, she dismounted from her cycle and advanced across the road, walking beside her beloved cycle, unmindful of the massive vehicle pacing towards her, somewhat lost in a trance of excitement as she did so. Just as the speeding truck approached her and she caught sight of it, her feet froze to the ground and she could no longer move from her stance. With the cycle still in her strong grip, and voices echoing all around her, she suddenly came back to her senses, and found herself standing in the middle of the road, before a huge truck and surrounded by many people from the nearby tea-shops, who didn't delay in rushing to protect her. Still dazed from the incident that had just taken place our little girl crossed the road and reached the destination that she set out for, and completed her training for the day!

As she headed back home very carefully the only thought that pervaded her mind was whether her parents would get to know about the incident and if they did, would she be allowed her bonding time with her new best friend.

Thinking about the escapade a few days later, a wide smile spread across her face as she remembered the amazing angels who ran to her aid, saving her from what could have been a gruesome tale. She felt, 'I really am so lucky... God is with me and so are his amazing angels!'

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