9 Quick Ways to IMPROVE your Emotional Intelligence and initiate growth ...

Emotional Intelligence today is an essential competence for growth and success. High EQ supports your relationship with people and also with yourself. How you perceive yourself, others and manage your environment is a determinant of your overall progress -prosperity, purpose and peace in life. Whether it's personal or professional life, both are impacted by your EMOTIONAL HEALTH.

Good news is that you can work on your EQ and enhance the same with various tools. If you want to be a high impact leader, entrepreneur or even a responsible citizen this skill is a foundational need for you. As an employer or employee your ability to engage with your counterpart and have an emotional connect is critical for the results that you want to drive in the system.

The 9 Quick Ways to improve your EQ are :

  1. Write a Journal everyday to understand yourself and others better. - You may regret an interaction or an incident which becomes a clutter in your mind and needs to be eliminated for better focus and outcomes. To improve EQ the ability to understand your reactions -limitations and purpose is very essential. Journaling works amazingly well in dissociating with the incident and evaluate how you could better handle such situations.

  2. Change your LENSE to alter the way you see things around you -What is your lense with which you see the world and is the same supporting you and your relationships with others; if not it's time to re-orient.

  3. Build your resilience to operate in the unknown or ambiguity - You can do your planning yet sometimes things don't operate the way you want...you can always be open to explore and figure the solutions.

  4. Use Appreciation -It sounds simple yet it works wonders when you are able to identify areas to appreciate. Acknowledgement for people and their effort to bring in best always creates more motivation and enthusiasm to raise standards. Also a feeling that their contribution is worth it, is an important building block in all relationships. Helping people understand that you are grateful and appreciative allows mutual wellbeing and growth.

  5. Asking for Opinions -It's always nice to be participative then being imposing in your conversations. Feedback is a two-way process for high-EQ leaders. Emotionally intelligent leaders are inclusive by nature and never stop looking for opportunities to bring the thoughts and views of others into an interaction. They recognize that they are not the smartest people in the room and look for ways to elevate others.”

  6. Empathy towards others and self - Empathy is the hallmark of emotional intelligence. Exhibiting empathy is the sure way to demonstrate emotional intelligence and also accept that mutual wellbeing is the only agenda.

  7. Willingness to listen is another important aspect - Being able to listen to other's perspective is a great start to EQ improvement journey. Also accepting that others may have brighter ideas too, is a great way to leverage others and their skills.

  8. Being READY FOR DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS - Shying away from difficult conversations sometimes can create more damage. Thus it's important to express perspectives and understand diversity in thoughts and philosophies to create better pastures for self and others important to you.

  9. Practicing Humility : Emotionally intelligent leaders aren’t afraid to admit when they are wrong. Apologizing can be a effective way to show your authenticity and vulnerability in various situations.

Do share with us your perspectives of how EQ can be enhanced and if it's played an important role in your growth and success as a professional or even in personal life...

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