9 Quick ways to DEAL WITH STRESS

In today's fast paced life where everyone is at least doing 2-3 different roles, with a magnifying glass measuring their performance; stress is bound to come into play. If you are not addressing stress and anxiety at the initial stages you may even have to go through series of other ailments; as your physical health is directly impacted by your mental health. While therapies and counselling are good resources to tap in; prevention is always better than cure.

There are also various techniques/ways for managing some of the common symptoms of anxiety, and the simplest ones are always ignored. Awareness about them can be helpful, when you're going through worrying times, at home or work, or facing particular challenges that make you anxious and stressed.

9 Quick ways to keep your stress in check:

  1. Identify Sources of Stress -Stress, particularly long-term stress, is strongly linked to anxiety. To tackle it, a good way is to journal and keep a watch on your triggers and also the instances that cause you this mental dilemma or stress. Every day, write down the stresses that you experience, and record any anxious thoughts that you have. After a few days, read your diary and explore possible causes and triggers. Once you've identified specific sources of stress and anxiety, you can take steps to avoid them – or at least to manage your feelings toward them. Knowing the triggers should also help you to discuss or even find solutions with experts.

  2. Exercise More -Studies show that regular exercise can help to reduce anxiety and build your tolerance for stress. Look for opportunities to fit exercise into your day in many ways, as even small amounts of exercise can have a -positive effect on anxious thoughts and feelings. Yoga can be especially useful for managing anxiety, since it helps to slow and focus your breathing, and can give you more control over your body and mind.

  3. Watch What You Eat -You can often lessen your anxiety by reducing or avoiding certain foods and drinks. For example, consider limiting your intake of caffeine, alcohol, soda, energy drinks, and chocolate. Watching what you eat also means eating a healthy, balanced diet, not skipping meals, and staying hydrated throughout the day.

  4. Meditation - Meditation is a very popular way of keeping yourself calm and poised amidst ambiguity. Whether its guided meditation, transcendental meditation, mantra meditation or even being in prayers can support you tremendously to practice meditation.

  5. Use Relaxation Techniques -You can use deep breathing exercises to control your stress and anxiety. Deep breathing is especially effective for managing short-term anxiety. If you begin to feel anxious, try taking 10 or 20 slow, deep breaths to calm down. Breathe in as deeply as you can, hold the air in your lungs for several seconds, and let each breath out slowly.

  6. Positive Thinking practice -Often, anxious episodes are preceded by self-sabotaging thoughts or behaviors . Before leading a meeting, for example, you might start imagining it getting out of control, and worry that you're going to look bad in front of your team. To help with this, write down any negative thoughts as soon as they arise. Then, note down the exact opposites of those thoughts.

  7. Visualization & Affirmation -When you practice visualization it helps you manifest and actualize your vision. Along with visualization practice of affirmation can be very effective. For example, before your meeting, you could write and affirmation , "I'm a confident and organized leader, and the people I work with respect me." Mentally rehearsing your meeting like this should relax your mind and body, and help to keep your anxiety under control.

  8. Clear Clutter & Get More Organized - Good time management skills and organizing your day to day environment can reduce unnecessary stress in life.

  9. Engage and Socialise with People who are solution focused - The company you keep decides how you feel about life. Your inner circle of people and their demeanour decide your well being in life. People who are supportive and have a positive approach towards life and share their learnings are always a great boon.

Do share with us your reasons and hacks for stress. Also would love to understand how stress in past has impacted your health or performance or productivity.

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