6Cs to be MOTIVATED...

In the new normal it's always a tough task to stay motivated amidst the various challenges. And even when you do manage to get going, you quickly lose your momentum. Fortunately, there are many tried-and-tested techniques for not just temporarily boosting your momentum but — for permanently transforming it. Amongst the distractions of life, we wish you motivated state of life both in the intrinsic and extrinsic spheres of life. To be in a self motivated autopilot is one of the best blessings to have. Motivation allows you to maneuver your behaviours, stay amazingly productive, develop competencies, achieve goals, inculcate a growth mindset and build skills and attributes that can create a lasting impact in your life. By staying motivated throughout the day, you’ll be able to accomplish most of your goals and growing as a result. But there is more to motivation than those particular perks. You can also look at motivation from a health standpoint too. Motivation as a psychological state is linked to our physiology. When we lack motivation, our functioning and wellbeing will also diminish and be compromised. For example, consider a situation where you were faced with a challenge or a task you didn’t want to do. How motivated were you in that moment? ...Probably not a lot. That’s because we tend to lose our motivation in those kinds of situations. Eventually this state of mind induces sickness in the body. It’s for these reasons why you need to find your motivational drive. Thus it's important to living a holistic life and achieving happiness, success, and more.

6 Cs to stay motivated are :

  1. Creating High Standards & Goals - Setting goals below your talent standards can actually make you complacent. Again a two pronged approach long and short term goals with SMART methodology, and staying on track, along with a COACH SUPPORTING YOU...can tremendously in staying motivated. Like every doctor needs a doctor every COACH ALSO NEEDS a coach; so never underestimate the need of a coach. Incidentally I had an awesome session with my coach today!! Weekly or once in two week conversation with your coach can help you with your goal management. When you push yourself by aiming higher, you’ll conquer fear, wipe out regrets and begin to write your own life story.

  2. Clarity of YOUR TOP 3 -When you try doing too many things you might end up doing none. So keep razor focus on your top 3. We all suffer from FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) so badly that we want to let go of nothing and end up in a overwhelming state. I still remember when I used to desire to do it all, and one of my senior coaching & HR colleague asked me to MAKE A CHOICE!!! it's only during pandemic times that the WISDOM to action that dawned on me!! Thus made a shift and left all the activities etc which were not serving my TOP3!!!

  3. Complaining about HURDLES - True TEST of motivation is when the hurdles come to you...do you exit and escape or endure with enthusiasm the embracing of the ambiguity!! HURDLES need to be enjoyed with a heart of steel, thereby building the neuron connectivities, to enhance the brain potential! We have been blessed by the DIVINE with a POTENTIAL TO THINK, as a superior species, so one can always make best use of the same.

  4. Communicate with 'BE POSITIVE' COMMUNITY - When you build your intrinsic and extrinsic ecosystem only with BE POSITIVE DRUG = Only People who see the brighter side of the world!! Your inner dialogues or your external conversations need to be motivating to keep you on track. Deviations from your TOP-3 because of people -practice or procrastinations are part of community that doesn't fit in. Life is short so prioritise the best and also evaluate from time to time on what you need to drop to stay TRUE TO YOUR COURSE.

  5. Capability Identification Vs Building -You can't GIVE 10,000 HOURS to everything under the sun!! So don't start building capabilities in every area, delegate what's not your core. Partnering with the best is what gives WINGS to you, and a smoother ride in this holiday planet! Decide WHO you are -WHAT'S YOUR GAME -HOW you wanna define yourself -WHY you want to do it -WHOM you want serve...Leave the rest to others.

  6. Cultivate an AURA to bring best TO OTHERS - When we bring our best to every person or opportunity, that comes to us we create a MAGICAL presence: the most important ingredient to stay motivated! Our motivation is accentuated when we achieve self-transcendence (Ultimate level of Maslow's hierarchy) and facilitate best results and accomplishments for others!

What's your METHOD to stay MOTIVATED ...Do share your practices and techniques that's helped you. Look forward to hear from you!!

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