In today's world INFLUENCE is the other word for LEADERSHIP! No matter what you do as a parent -leader -friend -entrepreneur or a politician, influence is the primary skill which one needs to constantly hone to create a long term and lasting IMPACT. If we look at examples like Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Netaji, or Oprah -who are celebrities from humble backgrounds, yet reached great heights by virtue of their INFLUENCE which they had nurtured and strengthened over a period of time. All these people developed the skills of influence without AUTHORITY -POWER -POSITION, in the initial stage to reach pinnacle of influence and become an epitome of their expertise. Influencing without authority is a critical job skill for any organisation, specially for any project you want to drive with people support. Keeping the cats herded requires a combination of strong management and communication skills. When you combine that with influencing levers, you can master the most complex situations -projects or any venture. For understanding more on Influencing you could refer to Influence : The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

6 Ways to enhance your INFLUENCING SKILLS

  1. Expertise on domain and related aspects- Expertise is a powerful influencing factor. Discipline specific expertise is fundamental when diverse roles are working together in a project. Industry specific expertise can be critical when you are working in a cross-industry team. Use your expertise to underpin your recommendations and requests. One project management example would be explaining the dependencies of a timeline to justify a deadline.

  2. Share INFORMATION -LEARNINGS, knowledge, skills - In today's world we are drowning in information overload through Internet -google -whatsapp ...etc yet when time is limited if someone curates the info they sure do a great favour. Information is most powerful when shared. Influence others by sharing the information you know regularly, clearly and concisely. As a leader one has objectives and timelines. In complex work groups, roles and responsibilities can be confusing. Information is a two-way street. Don't forget to gather it as well as share what you already know.

  3. Building relationship Account - Managing relationships is also an important element of influencing journey. Get to know people, and ​form deeper connections and relationships. This enables you to know what to expect. Foresee reactions and attitudes and prepare for objections rather than getting taken by surprise. People who trust you will be much more willing to follow you. Deep, long-standing relationships allow you to ask for occasional favors. Finally, a sense of camaraderie also goes a long way towards encouraging people to solve problems together.

  4. Attitude towards people around you-Your attitude, or how you treat other people, is one of the most important factors of influence. Be honest and straightforward - a slip in your integrity will cost you trust for a long time. Don't waste people's time - be prepared and organized. Communicate information and urgency but not stress. Your tone of voice, your choice of words, and acknowledgment of difficult situations can be your most powerful influence.

  5. Authority and accountability while working on goals -Authority is, without a doubt, the most direct way to be able to ​influence others. When you manage resources directly, you can set their direction and priorities. Ability to accomplish without diluting your authority in the journey also is a sure way to establish influence for yourself.

  6. Resource identification and exploration for better outcomes -Having the right resources is a critical factor to success of any goal. Creative use of resources can be the difference between success and failure. In organisations by outlining the key outcomes required and documenting the skills needed to achieve the outcomes, prioritization of issues, watching possible work-overloads leaders can do justice to their roles.

For more details, information or learning you could use the links below:



Look forward to hear from you...how you have been influencing your ecosystem and also challenges that you have faced in this regard ...

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