2020 Woke us up to the need of a strong immune system that is more important than any other thing in the space of wellness. COVID sensitized us to various norms like wearing the masks, cleaning our hands, consuming more fluids and watching our diet. These surely are the basic foundation of good health practice and they also protect us from the common cold and flu. To know more from our specialist do check Dr. Anshum Arora who is Pulmonologist and specialises on this domain.

Our immune system is a highly organized and mobile unit designed to fight for us. The immune system can be difficult to visualize. We know what the heart looks like and how it beats. But our immune system is just that—a system. It involves a variety of cells (and messages between them) that patrol our entire body on a microscopic level. When our body faces an outside threat, like a bacteria or virus, this defense system acts. When we have a cold, for example, our immune system sends in cells to fight. The result of that fight is what we see or feel—coughing, a runny nose, inflammation, fever.

Oftentimes, our immune cells have a memory of their encounter with an invader that can stay in the body for years. The cells’ memories call forth a response that can vanquish the virus whenever it appears. This is why we get some infections (like mononucleosis or the measles) once. Vaccines are designed to stimulate our body’s built-in defenses without exposing us to the full-blown disease. They do this by introducing an altered version of the virus—one that makes our immune system think we are being attacked by a fully active virus when we are not. This revs up your immune system to produce neutralizing antibodies that stop the virus from attaching to our cells.

Now for the important practices to boost our immune system: (Our immune system loses some of its juice after we turn 50. But regardless of our age, we can work on nurturing our immune system. )

  1. Create a quality sleep routine - Poor sleep is associated with decreased immune function and decreased rates of vaccine efficacy. People in professions where their sleep is disturbed face a lot of health issues unless they are able to workout their time for sleep in an orderly method.

  2. Stress Challenges - Chronic stress can cause a cascade of hormonal responses that weaken your immune function over time.

  3. Food can be medicine or poison- It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are nature’s best protective medicine. So its critical we understand what foods are compatible to our body and align to the same on regular basis.

  4. Exercise - Movement has the unique power to boost your immune function. Different kinds of exercises and practices have different benefits however even a basic routine of walk and freehand exercises can boost our immune system.

  5. Indulging into bad habits ...can also be a threat to our health -Avoid smoking and only drink alcohol in moderation. Negativity, too much tech exposure or gossip are also habits that can impact our mental and eventually our immune function.

  6. Building a circle of trusted community for social interaction is also critical for overall well-being -Man is a social being and positive trusted interactions can support not only the immune system but also enhances our life quality.

Though some of the above are ones we already know we find it very difficult to practice the same in our life. What is your mechanism to build your immune system, do share with us...

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