9 Advantages of BEING A MENTOR

The internet has information on everything that you need, however the right thing at the right time is still a mystery to us. Sometimes you need knowledge about how to find excellence in your professional life, sometimes in personal, medical, health, and every other domain you are involved with. Thus mentoring has always been a great need across ages... In our vedas -puranas -upanishads guru has been highlighted figure who facilitates the journey from ignorance to knowledge and bliss. Through mentoring, there is a mutual way of learning and allowing both participants to develop transferable skills to add to their respective experiences.

6 Advantages of being a mentor:

  1. Enhance Interpersonal Relationships - Mentors are people who have been there done that, and they share their expertise to support others. Since its a supportive relationship it automatically builds rapport and goodwill. Mentoring supports interpersonal relationships both at workplace and also in any other social setting. It also improves your long term relationship account with people.

  2. Building a BRAND - Mentoring also supports you in building a brand as a thought leader in your domain. Today people invest in social media and also public relations management etc to build their personal brand, however mentoring good no of people achieve their goals can be a easier way to build your brand as an EXPERT in a specific domain.

  3. Staying Connected with your KNOWLEDGE and skill - Teaching or mentoring others is the best way to staying connected with your expertise and also build with the new aspects that comes into play. The moment you have to mentor or teach you need to brush up yourself with your existent knowledge and also stay abreast with the latest trends. This also allows constant upgrade.

  4. Passive Income - Just imagine people paying you to JUST BREATHE ...yes sharing and earning for your natural abilities is as simple as that. Getting the right guidance in any field at the right time is the only way to succeed and people are willing to invest on the same.

  5. Facilitates Self Reflection - By sharing your experiences and also methods you not only reveal what can help others but its also a self reflection of how things have worked for you. Even in revisiting some past failures, you may be recognizing mistakes you can now correct. I relived past failures, a good lesson to share with mentees. Letting them know how you dealt with a problematic trade-off can be helpful. Our choices and decisions have made our life, so sometimes the best clues of creating future are hidden in our past and our self reflection of the same.

  6. Personal Growth & Self Satisfaction -Employees who serve as mentors report greater job satisfaction and commitment to their organization. There have been several studies that link mentoring with career development and growth. As per various research and studies, mentors are more satisfied with their jobs and committed to their companies than non-mentors. In many fields, a mentoring program shows potential employees a good corporate culture. An employee or supervisor taking someone under their wing promotes a different kind of bonding and global knowledge sharing. A supportive environment is right for the organization. As an Entrepreneur, Coach and Leadership Facilitator, I have found mentoring very gratifying and often a source of learning from young professionals and their innovative ideation process-questions and enthusiastic dialogues.

  7. Advocate for Others -Mentors are part-cheerleaders, part-champions for their counterparts. It is sometimes easier to advocate for others. As a corporate leader our biggest role is to groom our TEAMS TO WIN and also live by the values that would help them grow and shine. Teaching self-advocacy is essential. I encourage my students to promote themselves and stand for others as a part of peer leadership and camaraderie. A big part of our mentoring relationship is to guide them toward understanding what differentiates a good professional and how they carve out their niche.

  8. Shift DELETE ALL NEGATIVE BEHAVIOURS - According to HBR study, a mentor always needs to show up with their best self thus they need to SHIFT DELETE any negative behaviours or practices. As a mentor, you are promoting the best version of yourself. While tracking other employees, you are likely being more mindful of wasting time and avoid costly procrastination. It may help you to prioritize your own professional goals.

  9. Nurturing CONNECT - As against false networking or network building nurturing connects, needs more time and also investment of TIME -EFFORT -GENUINE MINDSET to support GROWTH OF OTHERS. A network where you are struggling to get the best out of others is often waste of time and headspace. If you dedicate that time to mentoring, you build TOMORROW'S HEROES who are your extended team support; always willing to be by your side.

If you think you have something to contribute and thereby impact GROWTH of OTHERS...Do visit our HONORARY mentor initiative!! Success Mentors Initiative -Paid & Honorary. We have both paid and pro-bono initiatives for Mentors; look forward to connect.

Also do check the books below if you want to explore more about MENTORSHIP:

  1. Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

  2. The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

  3. The Purpose and Power of Mentorship

See you on the other side as OUR MENTOR!! CHEERS!!

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