3 Lessons to COLLABORATE NOT COMPETE to celebrate the best of life...

One of the best learnt lessons from the movie 3 IDIOTS was how professor Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus, preached the lesson of 'LIFE IS RACE'...and Rancho pivots the education methodology to create FLOW in his accomplishments. From our very childhood we are told to aim high, to achieve, and constantly compete... However we soon realise we have reached a peak of loneliness, where the only game we know is to COMPARE -COMPETE and feel the laurels of our masterry... As Timothy Clark writes in The Four Stages of Psychological Safety, when you compare and compete, you lose the ability to connect. You’re no longer seeing the other person as an equal, but as inferior. This is further amplified by a cognitive bias we all hold called the fundamental attribution error — if someone else fails we think it’s because of their character, but if we fail it’s because of our circumstances. ‍ This is one of the biggest plight of a HIGH ACHIEVER. For a long time even I had been in this TRAP of a false sense of constant chase to be the champion who has some superior skills... In fact many organizations are always in trap of this so called HIGH PERFORMANCE EVALUATION myth which separates individuals and creates an unhealthy competition, thereby adversely impacting growth and performance. It's a sure way of ALIENATING from the best experiences that we can create in our journey,-or sphere of influence, with our colleagues and collaborators. As a human being, your worth isn’t measured just by how many zeroes you have in your bank account, or degrees nailed to the wall of your study. You are measured by so much more... like learnings, emotional intelligence, community consciousness,support to loved ones, health, agility, growth, sharing and so on...

3 Ways to COLLABORATE better and flourish in CAMARADERIE:

  1. Learn from STRENGTHS of others: Rather than creating a critic list, create a talents list for people. Everyone around you can TEACH you something that you can add to your repertoire of virtues -skills-competence. We have all traversed a learning path to reach our goals. Mental-conditioning coach to NFL stars such as Russell Wilson, Trevor Moawad, says that the man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there, he had to climb. Thus no matter how smart we are we have scope to LEARN in life.

  2. Know your SHORTCOMINGS -Hone in on your own weaknesses and areas for improvement, in order to stay grounded and humble. If you don’t know what your weaknesses are, chances are you’re either sticking to your comfort zone or stroking your ego. The antidote to this is to try new activities that you will inevitably suck at initially, and seek out anonymous feedback from people who know you.

  3. Help not Hinder where you can - As Marcus Aurelius said, tolerate or teach. Rather than judging, is there a way you can offer support to help the other person level up their game? There’s a reason why the very top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is self-transcendence — we are born to serve each other.

Do share your thoughts on collaboration and leveraging best around you...Let's take the initiative to support and share with each other and to create more successful milestones in times to come ...

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