3 Hacks to stay MOTIVATED

Staying motivated amidst a challenging schedule everyday, is always the need for goal accomplishment. As Tony Robbins says that on day to day basis to keep up your STATE is critical. Interestingly in Brahma Kumaris there is an app called Traffic light which is like a check on your mental state every hour. Thus whether western or eastern culture staying on top of your STATE OF MIND is important to have a holistic wellbeing. In fact research shows that mental wellbeing & being in a motivated spirit, is directly linked with physical wellbeing -health. There are many ways to handle the state and one can always explore what works best for them, to avoid circumstances -environment or situations or to deal with them effectively.

3 Hacks to stay motivated:

  1. Revisiting your INNER DIALOGUE : Our inner dialogue is like a SELF FULFILLING prophecy. So instead of constantly JUDGING yourself you can find positive voice within. There is a tendency for go-getters to view themselves as bad, unworthy of success, or less than, simply for not meeting a certain standard, which can compound the feelings of exhaustion, mental fatigue, and lethargy that we are trying to prevent. If this is you, stop right here and vow to be more conscious in your approach and mindful around judging yourself for needing to spend time rejuvenating rather than CRITICISING yourself.

  2. Recognize Your EMOTIONAL STATE-When you give yourself the space to honor your feelings, you actually create distance between yourself and your emotional reaction. In this space, even if you have no motivation to do anything, you can choose how you want to show up to the world and for yourself. Between stimulus and response there is always a choice. The tolerance in situations which you feel are illogical can trigger negativity... and during such situations you can always decide what's your option or choice of response. These situations can be personal or professional, however if one takes a deep breath before the response, one can always ensure there is no emotional drain around the same. This takes practice, but it is the way forward. When you have no motivation to do anything, it means you’re depleted and need to urgently focus on replenishing all areas, including your mind, body, emotions, and spirit on all levels.

  3. SIMPLIFY LIFE and work - Audit life at large in terms of career -relationships emotional -financial -spiritual & creativity and assess your desire for every area to live a optimally motivated life. When things are beginning to feel overwhelming it's usually because one or many areas of our life are not in sync with how we have envisaged our path. From time to time simplifying one's needs and goals can surely help in terms of staying motivated. Every aspect of life when engaged optimally life automatically has a very motivated spirit. Below is the WHEEL OF LIFE TOOL a common resource shared as a life management tool. The Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life. It is often used in coaching and is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting. It is called the "Wheel of Life" because each area of your life is mapped on a circle, like the spoke of a wheel. The concept was originally created by Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation® Institute, Inc.

Do share your methods in dealing with challenges or demotivating situations. How do you manage all aspects of your life.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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