Your DECISION predicts your DESTINY

Your life is a sumtotal of decisions you are constantly making. You can change it today with 9 essential mantras of life. Design the stars and the astro moves you make in the universe...No matter where you are born, who you are with, you can still design your life through the decision making that you are doing on a day to day basis.

Mantra 1 -Surround yourself with people who you get inspired by and bring energy to you.

Life has many facets, scenes and people; the more we get into the situation of helpless relationships the more we keep sinking in the quicksand of uncertainty. So its critical that we make a strong decision to separate our environment and inject the same with people we aspire to be, people who inspire us. The more we are certain

Mantra 2 -Skill -will and momentum creation on a regular basis -for growth in self knowledge and accomplishments. Life is all about constant and consistent learning initiatives and growing from there. The premise of a growth mindset is all about self development and not settling with mediocrity. Its a journey towards being better than yesterday. Its a game to be a winner no matter what constraints you may have.

Mantra 3 -Sincerity towards values -beliefs -goals and vision you have set for yourself. In life very often we let go of our vision -dreams and beliefs because of various uncertainties and storms. Staying on your course while the whole world looses faith is a sincerity that ones needs to practice on a regular basis.

Mantra 4 -Systematic management of the body and the ecosystem is crucial. Our body is the vehicle that is like the hardware of our computer system. While the first three mantras are the mind driven aspects and software that runs the mechanics the hardware is equally important. The body needs to be kept in the optimal conditions to get the best results. Regular exercising,looking after the body ensures that the vehicle is smooth in its functioning and outcomes are better derived.Its often found that inadequate nutrition, exercise, sleep, and rest diminish people’s basic energy levels, as well as their ability to manage their emotions and focus their attention.The energy is highly influenced by the body mechanism. In fact Harvard Business School research has shared a lot of enlightening facts about the body-mind-soul synergy . Ref -

Mantra 5 -Seamless fuelling of the system. You are what you eat is an old saying that today people are understanding the hard way. Though not taken very seriously the world today has evolved and started waking up to the right easting or fuelling approach. In the business world today people are laying a lot of emphasis for the leaders to have a strategic approach to their eating as this has an impact on the overall experience of your life. The day we eat to live and not the other way round a lot of our challenges can be addressed too. We have been programmed on certain foods thats a comfort generating factor to us, and sometimes in that desire of seeking comfort, enjoyment and taste we get disillusioned about the larger things in life we are here for.


Mantra 6 -Synergising with a time to detoxing the body and also periodic tests and assessments. Life is all about moderation and also periodic assessment. The body needs rest -rejuvenation -reenergising -reconnecting and reassessment of where we are. Likewise the neglect in this area can give you sudden jerks and surprises where a smooth life flow of health may be disrupted. So its important that we keep a tab on this to ensure optimum health and energy.

Mantra 7 -Search your soul for true purpose. We accomplish better results when we are true to our purpose and journey of life. Our purpose is like the compass for our journey of life. The purpose alignment of life is the only way to leading a energetic and successful life.

Mantra 8 -SZen living with simple needs. When you practice simple living life becomes easy to live and focus on your dreams become the formula to perfect success.

Mantra 9 -Seeing the day to day life as a blessing, and attracting the best in universe. When you desire something with the faith that you are moving toward getting the best life is better rejoiced. When you show gratitude for what you have the abundance keeps growing in life.

The 9 mantras for happiness -success -joy -accomplishment is through synergy of mind -body and the soul. Life seems heavenly when you are touch with your purpose -passion -performance -peace within. Every single day when we make decisions to stay authentic to our mind-body and soul journey, life becomes gratifying and blissful.

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