9 Ways To Create a Magnetic personality

Personality is an important aspect in terms of accomplishing any milestone, whether as a professional -entrepreneur or a consultant or even in your personal life; your personality plays a quintessential role.

The nine essential aspects of magnetic personality are following :

1. Aura of Renaissance Persona: Invoking interest, curiosity and attraction of people around is a sure way of creating a magnetic personality. This is all about having multiple interests and being able to engage with different people with same interest and enthusiasm.Charisma -Vivaciousness -Versatility adds to the overall persona.

2. High Self Esteem and Self Confidence: There is always a mind chatter that happens that provokes negativity, doubt and lack of confidence in us. As a magnetic persona its critical to always maintain a high self esteem and optimistic aura.

3. Purpose in life: Life is all about aligned and purpose driven actions and planing. Procrastinating should be deleted from your dictionary of life. Once you decide on the goals aligned and sync with your purpose life becomes spontaneously outcome driven.

4. Power Dressing: First Impressions are powerful and lasting, thus its significant when you dress accordingly to the time-place-culture and genre around you.

5. Stance & Posture: Alertness in physical attitude indicates a sharp mind. How you walk -stand or even sit has a message about you. Basic body language indicates whats your confidence on yourself.

6.Voice, Expressions & Intonation and Vocabulary: The tone, volume and pitch are important factors of a pleasing personality. How you say it is as important as what you say.

7. Good sense of humour & Tact: One of the most important qualities of a personality is the ability to keep things interesting, humorous and also interesting and happy. Thus tact and humour are critical to build relationships and also a personality that can make people feel at ease.

8.Sincerity and Intention of being helpful to others -People don't care how much you know unless they know how much you care. So at any point in time its important that we don't fake emotions or gestures as soon or later it falls apart.

9. Spirituality, love & Knowledge of the universal connectivity -The day we are able to love universally understand the design of the mysterioius universe we become even more magnetic to our ecosystem!!

In the history of mankind magnetic people always create innovative discoveries or with their aura they inspire people to be more and do more...

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